Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Good For Him? Or Me?

I am at this group meeting at a restaurant.  And to be honest, I'm not really feeling it.  We're kind of expected to purchase food for using their space. I wasn't really hungry either.  

There's a guy out at the bus stop, and I saw him there last week sleeping on the bench when I left.  I'm guessing he will be tonight too.  

So, I bought a calzone and took it out to him.  He didn't seem overly enthusiastic about it, but hopefully it will do him some good anyway.  


Thursday, October 20, 2016

#50Acts - 9-34

It's easy to become discouraged.  I'm not sure that's changed much over time, really.  I started this blog in the hopes of creating a community, and logically I know that it takes time to build such things but I'm an impatient sort who wants immediate response.  When it's not there, I wonder what it is I'm really looking for; attention, or attention for others? 

So, it's not that I haven't been busy over these last few months.  I just haven't been talking an awful lot about it.  The commitment to fulfill one deed for every life lost in the Orlando tragedy earlier this year is still going strong.  We're at 34 today.  I've handed out flowers, paid for bridge tolls, bought an anonymous lunch or two.  I've fed a few of the homeless but not nearly enough. 

I think .. I want to believe.. that the answer is that it's not for wanting personal attention.  Knowing that I squirm and twitch every time I receive a thank you is a good indication, and the warm fuzzy that comes from a smile tells me I'm doing the right thing. 

It's just better if I'm not doing it alone, so thanks for being here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

50 Acts - #6-8

try to be kind to those who work in restaurants.  They are often treated like garbage and some still smile in spite of it, they are taxed on more than they bring in, they maintain a flexibility unlike many industries, they sweat in hot kitchens, and sometimes can't even afford the food they serve.  It's work I've done myself and now spend a lot of time in eating establishments, and getting to know to these people and their ambitions or the stories of this, their chosen career, is fascinating to me.  

So, last week I wanted to pay back some of the kindnesses I've been shown.  We surprised a server with a tip who wasn't waiting on my table.  And then we bought two more a dinner for their break on a busy Friday night.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

50 Acts - #5

Many of us eat out, some of us often.  There is a lot of hollering and protest about minimum wages and tipping and dispute about how much work goes into working in restaurants of any kind.  Today, we anonymously purchased dinner for this server.  Her name is Tori, and she works hard as she awaits beginning her next step as a nurse.  She's going to be a great one.  She knows how to take care of people.

Monday, June 13, 2016

50 Acts - #3 and #4

Today was hectic.  I left the house two hours later than intended, and just barely had time to stop for lunch on my way to work. There was a woman sitting halfway down the counter with a smile on her face, sitting alone and enjoying her meal. I couldn't afford the entire tab but I had ten dollars in my wallet.  I gave it to the server and asked that it be applied to her lunch. I hope that it gave her a bigger smile.

Then I got to my seminar and again, there was a registration fee so I used my dinner money to cover someone else's fee.  

On my way here, I was listening to an old playlist that is so vast, there are songs that cross all genres and that I haven't heard in years.  Suddenly, right between Dobie Gray and Shakira, America's favorite orphan began to sing about tomorrow.  For that moment, I wanted to believe her.  I have my struggles with moving through time, seeing beyond tomorrow. I have to remind myself that tomorrow is as far as I need to get.  One moment, one song, and one kind act at a time.  

50 Acts - #2

In committing to 50 acts of kindness to honor the 50 deaths of the Orlando Tragedy, today I paid the registration fee for a stranger at a lecture I'd attended. Just left the money at the sign in table for it to be applied to whomever signed in next.  The registrar was excited to be the bearer of this news to the recipient, keeping me anonymous as requested.  I love when I have helpers.  And it turns out it was this guy (see below). He had a smile as wide as the ocean.

Orlando Tragedy

What happened this past Sunday morning is unfathomable inside my head.  I can understand losing a loved one to disease, accidents, other "typical" deaths, but try as I do I can not imagine losing someone I care for to hate.  Sadly, this is now becoming a "typical" death in our society.   We must never stop trying to overcome #hate.   

In honor of the victims of the Orlando massacre, I am committing to 50 #RandomActsOfKindness, one for each death.  Will you join me?   I'm two in, the first paying a bridge toll for a stranger and passing along this note.  If you'd like to help out, you may do so at

Please feel free to share your act of kindness with us.