Monday, June 13, 2016

50 Acts - #3 and #4

Today was hectic.  I left the house two hours later than intended, and just barely had time to stop for lunch on my way to work. There was a woman sitting halfway down the counter with a smile on her face, sitting alone and enjoying her meal. I couldn't afford the entire tab but I had ten dollars in my wallet.  I gave it to the server and asked that it be applied to her lunch. I hope that it gave her a bigger smile.

Then I got to my seminar and again, there was a registration fee so I used my dinner money to cover someone else's fee.  

On my way here, I was listening to an old playlist that is so vast, there are songs that cross all genres and that I haven't heard in years.  Suddenly, right between Dobie Gray and Shakira, America's favorite orphan began to sing about tomorrow.  For that moment, I wanted to believe her.  I have my struggles with moving through time, seeing beyond tomorrow. I have to remind myself that tomorrow is as far as I need to get.  One moment, one song, and one kind act at a time.  

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